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Warranty & Service Repair Policy

Prompt service is as important to us as it is for our users.

For the fastest possible service we recommend that the user contact customer care directly at 1-800-342-5080 to report any problems or concerns for the following reasons:

  • In many cases our technical support team can solve the concern over the phone without the need to return the product for service.
  • If the product does need to be returned, direct contact with the user provides us with a better understanding of the nature of the concern thus ensuring prompt efficient repair.
  • If it is determined by Customer Care that a product needs to be returned for repair, please follow the Warranty/Service Return Procedures below.

For products under warranty please be sure to include proof of purchase date with your shipment. The product will be repaired or replaced at our option.

Warranty/Service Product Return Procedure

Any warranty repairs are a priority for us and receive service as such. In order to insure this level of service we ask that the following procedures be followed when returning any product for warranty service.

  1. Call our Customer Care Department at 1-800-342-5080 to report the problem. Once it has been determined that the product must be sent in for service the caller will receive a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA). For all warranty repairs proof of purchase (such as a copy of the original invoice) will be required.

  2. Package the product, return it to the service center address listed to the left. Please make to sure to include the following information:
  3. •  RMA Number
    •  Name
    •  Day Time Phone
    •  Return Address
    •  Description of the problem
    •  Proof of purchase date (necessary for Warranty Returns only)

    If you haven't received an RMA number, please complete the Returning Material Authorization Form to obtain your authorization code prior to sending any product in for repair.