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77203 Perfect Mate ROUND Terminal Probe Adapter Set

Designed to be a perfect fit for most automotive connector pins

77202 Perfect Mate SPADE Terminal Probe Adapter Set

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The Perfect Mate Probe Adapter Tips are designed to be a perfect fit for most automotive connector pins. They work great for “hands free” jumper wire testing. The Tee Connection Adapter provides a solid connection for road testing. It acts like a universal breakout box for virtually any 2 or 3 pin connector on the vehicle. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kit Contents

  • 26 Assorted round terminal tips:
    Extra Large 2-Male/2-Female
    Large 2-Male/2-Female
    Medium 3-Male/3-Female
    Small 3-Male/3-Female
    Extra Small 3-Male/3-Female
  • 2 Screw-on banana plug test lead adapters
  • 3 Tee adapters

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