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82065 NGS Mach II

OEM level Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Diagnostic Scan Tool

82065 NGS Mach II

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NGS Mach II gives you dealer-level functionality with access to all OEM proprietary data, including all body control modules. Designed for the shop environment it includes dedicated hardware, a large viewing screen and real-time data stream display. Updates easily via the Internet, NGS Mach II offers simple operation and embedded application software MY 1984 to present.

Features & Benefits

  • Power Balance Misfire Diagnostics
  • Automated EVAP Monitor Test
  • Active Commands/Bi-directional Control Diagnostic
  • Proprietary OEM Fault Code Retrieval (including Body Control Modules)
  • PID Display (Including Body Control Modules)
  • PID Record and Playback (Including Body Control Modules)
  • PATS Key programming
  • ABS Service Bleed Functional
  • Programmable Module Installation (PMI)*
  • Module Configuration *
  • Module Flash Capable *

*Optional 81207 NGS WebFlash Kit may be required for certain applications

Kit Contents

  • Mach II Unit w/Preloaded software
  • OBD II/ EEC-V Cable
  • EEC-IV Adapter Cable
  • Computer Interface Cable
  • Auxiliary Power Cable
  • Instruction/USB driver CD
  • Rugged Blo-molded Storage Case

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